An update on current sewing

So, I haven’t been posting much of late, but believe me when I say there has been a lot of crafting and sewing going on! I’ve got a market on the 18th for baby clothes, and have also been doing lots of costuming work for upcoming performances.
I have also started SWAP 2014 (Sewing With A Purpose) through Artisans Square, which I am really enjoying. Here’s my SWAP thread so you can see my planning and such – but please remember no comments there!
Today was good fun, I went to a local opshop that I’ve never been to before, and found not only a gorgeous pair of black sparkly heels for performing in, and also some adorable print fabric.
Now, I’m a great fan of sophisticated, well tailored, ‘adult’ clothing.
But do you know what?
I need a Blues Clues dress.
So, finding a Blues Clues bedsheet was just amazing XD I can’t wait to make myself a dress from this.

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