Sewing Indie Month – plans

So, my Anna Dress pattern from By Hand London just arrived, so I am going to share my plans for Sewing Indie Month. Yes, it really only is Sewing Indie Two Weeks for me, but a late start is still a start!

I have decided to enter three of the four categories – Dressed to the Nines, Everyday Casual, and An Indie Love Affair.

I am going to use the Anna dress for two of the categories, making a wearable mock up for the Everyday Casual category before moving onto the ‘real’ thing for the Dressed to the Nines category.
I also want to try and get over my fear of sewing with knits, and this seems like a good way to test it. I am going to do the Tonic Tee from Skinny Bitch:Curvy Chic Patterns, and I’ll be pairing it with the Movies in the Park shorts from Dixie DiY.
Now, I know, it’s almost June here in Christchurch. And that means if the weather gets above 15degC we’re lucky. But I am a massive fan of layering, and also a massive fan of shorts over thick tights. So making shorts in the middle of winter? Totally my style.

So, onto what fabrics I have already chosen:

For my Everyday Casual Anna dress, I am using some gorgeous vintage cotton that I picked up at Creative Junk, a local recycling store.

It’s just beautiful, and drapes wonderfully.

As for my Dressed to the Nines Anna, I have decided to do a lace overlay dress in white.
Now, I only have a photo of the white fabric which I am going to use as the underlining – I am going to get the lace overlay off trademe, so will have to post a pic of that once I actually have it! But here’s the underlining:

This is a closeup of the pattern – it’s really lovely and subtle in person, I just adore it

As for my Indie Love Affair items, I tried, and tried to get a pic of the fabric I have to make my Tonic Tee, but it just wouldn’t show up true to colour. It is a gorgeous eggplanty purple, more red in undertone than blue. I am going to try for a better shot tomorrow, see if I can’t get a better shot.

But I did get a photo of my fabric for my Movies in the Park shorts!

It’s a lovely dark grey linen with lighter and darker flecks over it.

Overall, I am really looking forward to my Sewing Indie Month projects, and can’t wait to get started on everything!

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