My first ever, from a pattern, and almost complete knitting project

Well that’s one hell of a title, ain’t it!

Recently my darling partner decided he wanted to learn how to knit. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get better at myself, so off we went to buy wool. And I am more than a little obsessed.

And here is my first project!

Please ignore my rather weird expression, the flash of my iMac for webcam is pretty harsh XD


I decided to make up the Pacific Chunky Quick Lacy Slouch which I found on Ravelry (a site I adore, it must be said!), as I wanted to test out using a circular needle. I also wanted to use some non-new yarn to make it up before diving into my now growing collection of new yarns. I found a scarf which I had 90% knitted in plain garter stitch, which I knew I would never wear – so I frogged the entire thing. And here it is, 90% made up into a hat! It isn’t as slouchy as the pattern shows, because while I worked on needles that were a half size larger than suggested, and my yarn was thinner. But I don’t mind – I’m a beanie girl just as much as I am a slouch girl!

We are taking a trip tomorrow to a wool store with a knitting friend, and I am going to pick up a set of DPNs so that I can finish this off – I am pretty stoked with it. I will probably use the same pattern with the yarn I had bought to make a hat with – I was going to make the same pattern as my beloved, but have found that I far prefer knitting in the round than I do working flat, so this will be made up again. In bright rainbow wool. Because I am just that kind of person.

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