No pictures, but a post

I am seriously, seriously lax when it comes to posting at the moment. I’ve somehow come down with a ‘nothing to write’ vibe, which for a English degree holder is kinda a weird feeling. But, my knitting has been progressing pretty nicely.

In just over a week I have completed two adult hats, a baby hat, and two fingerless gloves (not a pair, one off a Ravelry pattern, and one a self draft – I still need to make them each a friend!) I also cut out two blouses today, and sewed one together. I’ve been rather adoring of crafting lately, it relaxes me so much, and really makes me feel whole. With the real person job search on, I do worry that I will lose a lot of my crafting so am doing my best to fit in as much as I can before I am working 9-5. But, at least a proper job will mean a proper income, and that means that when I do find a gorgeous piece of fabric or that perfect coloured yarn, I can get it even if I don’t have a plan for it, because I won’t need to budget as hard for it.

Speaking of fabric, I should be ordering some from Britex Fabrics tomorrow with my voucher from the Sewing Indie Month Bonus Prize. I’ve found three fabrics, and all three have plans, and I can’t wait to share those makes with you.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember to take some photos of my knitting to share!

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