So many parcels incoming!

Today I had a slightly mad internet shopping spree. Because why not?!

I used my voucher for Britex Fabrics, which I was lucky enough to win from the Sewing Indie Month bonus prize. After a lot of thought, I finally decided on my fabrics. And all three of them are already planned into projects – wahoo!

So, here they are:

Photo property of Britex Fabrics

This beautiful polyester caught my eye the minute I saw it. It looks so gorgeous, it’s shades that I wear readily, and goodness the print is rather cute. I got this fabric with the intention of making the Giselle Dress from KateNRose Patterns, which I also won.

Next, I chose a fabric for my Ehlen Blouse from Sew Chic Patterns, which arrived yesterday.

Photo property of Britex Fabrics

This fabric is just so gorgeous, I knew I needed it in my life. I can’t wait to make it into the Ehlen blouse, and I have gorgeous vintage blue buttons that will work perfectly with it. Since it is semi-sheer I’m going to get some plain white cotton to use as an interlining, so it becomes a bit sturdier.


And finally, something just that little bit whacky

Photo property of Britex Fabrics

Isn’t this tissue knit gorgeous?! I am going to make another Lekala #4245 with this, so only needed to get 1 yard of it. I love having a 1 yard pattern! And it is so comfy, I adore wearing them.


I also had a wee spree on LoveKnitting, getting myself 9 balls of yarn. 9! That’s actually rather a lot for me haha. Three are for a hat for my partner, four are for a hat for me, and two are for a hat for my dad for Father’s Day in September. Once I’ve got those projects up and running, I’ll introduce them.

And, if you are a knitting fan like I and haven’t heard of them, head on over to LoveKnitting and get 15% off your first order – because there’s nothing better than discounts! They have really lovely yarns, in pretty much every colour you could ever want, and have a permanent deal where if you buy 10 yarns of the same brand and shade, you only pay for 9. Score! Makes those big projects a little easier on the pocket

Hope all my southern hemisphere readers are keeping warm, Christchurch is pretty cold tonight! Perfect time to snuggle down with ST:TNG re-reruns and knitting, don’t you think?

One thought on “So many parcels incoming!

  1. Beautiful fabrics! The second one in particular really jumps out at me. I could working strikingly well with various types of 40s dresses – perhaps something with a bit of artful ruching and draping, especially from the hip.
    Thank you very much for your comment on my trouser ensemble post this week, dear gal. Like myself, pants might not be your BBF, but you’re rather lucky I think to be able to pull off tighter styles like leggings. I have short little “sausage” legs as I only half-jokingly refer to them and need wider or at least flared styles most of the time. Perhaps this the ol’ grass is greener scenario at work here 🙂
    ♥ Jessica

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