Anima Shorts – and I’m more excited than you’d guess!

So, recently I saw that PaperCut Patterns was having a competition to make their Anima pant, style it, and post to Instagram to win some pretty awesome prizes.

I jumped at the chance, and set about deciding what kind of Anima I’d make. And kinda fell flat there. I had no idea. I don’t often wear sweatpants/yoga pants. Just isn’t my style.

Then, about a week before the competition was due to close, I was staring at the left-over fabric from my first Lekala 4245 top that I made for Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly Stitch, and had a brainwave – orange polkadot shorts. What could possibly go wrong?!

photo 2

Not a lot, apparently! I had a little trouble inserting the elastic, but that was mainly to do with my wrists playing up from the cold at the moment, I found it hard to stretch the fabric out for long periods of time. But in the end, it was well worth it I think!

The shorts are so comfortable, and for someone who is plus sized not needing to alter a pattern is a brilliant option. Only changes I made were to reduce the seams to 8mm (rather than 15mm – my usual change) and I added about 10mm to the hems to make them just a touch longer. They wear well, and are so, so warm, it’s lovely.

I now fully intend to make up some longer pairs! They’re a lot tidier than RTW sweatpants/yoga pants, and fit better too!

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