A non-sewing update

I know there hasn’t been a lot of noise from me of late – full time work has me run ragged!! At least it means I have lots of sewing funding hehe.

Anyway, I do have an update of sorts. I’ve taken charge of nutrition and health of late. And I’m feeling fantastic!

My favourite breakfast is a green smoothie. Here’s todays:


Thismorning I have banana, spinach, and peach with coconut almond milk for the liquid. And it’s damn good! (And yes, I even got myself a special blender for them)

Since starting my green smoothie journey about a week ago, I’ve felt far more refreshed and energised; it is the most fantastic feeling, as I haven’t felt this good for a long, long time. And, as a bonus, they are delicious as well as portable and quick to make, so I dont have to faff around with breakfast anymore!

Hopefully over the weekend I get some crafting done so I can share it.

Have you got any favourite green smoothie recipes? I’d love to try them!

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