First stranded knitting project

So lately I have really enjoyed knitting. A lot of what I was knitting was sometimes just for the act of knitting. I love working with the wool, and the satisfaction of making things. But, with my growing collection of single fingerless mitts (“Oh hey, that pattern looks fun to make”), some oddly coloured hats, and a cowl, I reached the point where sewing for other people was a great option. I got the action of knitting without the product.

Father’s day here is the first Sunday in September, and I jumped at the chance to knit something for my dad. Of course, that’s when I was stumped. Dad is practical. He doesn’t really go for things that are aesthetic without being functional. So a hat was a great choice – he plays tennis, golf, goes fishing, as well as owning a convertible car. But I really didn’t want to just knit a plain beanie. Sure, he’d love it! But I wanted to challenge myself as well as get a fantastic gift made.

When I found the Owl Service Hat by Archives and Old Lace, I knew I had found my pattern. Dad loved that book when he was a kid, and he got me to read it when I was young too; I then studied it at University and gained even more love for it. So of course, I was going to make this pattern up! One problem – it was for a tam. Okay, yep, I’d wear that. I’d wear that in a heart-beat. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father in a hat that wasn’t a cap or a beanie. EVER. And I’m 24. My mother probably hasn’t seen him in anything else and they’ve been married for 30 years!!

So I set about making the pattern fit a beanie, and with my father having a big head (which I inherited to a point, curses), I didn’t need to do much! Take out the increases, do a plain band of ribbing, and add one extra stitch at the beginning and end of each round, and it turned out beautifully.


As you can see it is long enough for the end of it to be folded up, which I like, and the owls are really very visible, if only entirely upside down!

The best thing for me is that Dad loves it – that’s him modelling it at our bach, where he was about to head to the golf course.

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