Why I love Pinterest

Okay, it won’t surprise anyone to find out I have a Pinterest, and am a semi-active pinner.

When I first started pinning regularly my partner made comment on the fact that I was turning into one of those pinterest people (yes, he spoke out loud in italics. He is a very clever man.) I did laugh, because if I wasn’t a pinterest person, our house would be a LOT messier.
I’ve always been a cut-and-paste kinda gal. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and stick them in notebooks. I had piles and piles of notebooks with pictures stuck in them – things I wanted, things I liked, things I wanted to do, the list goes on! So when I discovered pinterest, I was immediately hooked. No more scissors and glue to remember things I want to make and do!!

My most populated boards are my wedding board (turns out, when you’re crafty, you spend half your time gathering ideas for a wedding – which you haven’t been proposed to for mind you – in an effort to do a completely DIY wedding), my crafting/sewing boards, and my healthy lifestyle board.

It is also amusing when people say “I wonder if there’s a way to do _____” and I can say “Hey! I’ve pinned that!”

What do you like about pinterest? Or do you prefer the old scissors and glue method?

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