A quick and easy no (or low) chocolate Easter gift

Happy Easter everyone!

This Easter James and I are lucky enough to be on holiday with my parents at our bach. And when it came to gift shopping, Mum was easy – we found a cute wee chocolate bunny in neon orange with yellow and pink flowers, just her kind of thing!

But Dad was a little trickier. He’s worked really hard on weight loss, and now pretty much only has desserts etc on special occasions, so I didn’t want to just load him up with chocolate gifts.
Instead, I came up with a cute gift that works into a holiday breakfast really well – Easter Eggs!


I dyed four gorgeous Central Otago eggs to be pretty colours, put in one marshmallow egg (his favourite kind), and a voucher for egg breakfast. He loves eggs for breakfast because they are healthy and energy packed, and also delicious.

For the box, I covered the label with Easter pastel paper, and wrote Easter Eggs and Happy Easter on it.

While Dad doesn’t have allergies, I think this would make a wonderful Easter gift for anyone who is trying to avoid over doing the sweets, has allergies to chocolate or it’s components, or for wee kids who aren’t used to brightly coloured chicken eggs!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter, and stay safe out there!

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