Me Made May 2015 – Week One (and an extra day)!

Whelp, I’ve done it! I’ve completed my first week of Me Made May, and I am so pleased with myself. I didn’t really have a specific pledge that I wanted to complete, just that I wanted to wear me made things more often. And here are my wears for each day – not always the best photos, I’ll admit, but at least me made!

Day One - Friday

So, day one! Friday 1st May. I made this Pinocchio skirt on the Thursday night, and wore it to work the next day. I used the Delphine skirt band by Tilly and the Buttons, and then just a gathered oblong for it.

Day Two - Saturday

Day Two – Saturday 2nd May. Yeah, I’ll be honest, you’ll see these pants more than a few times this month! (She says, typing this while wearing them). These are the snuggliest, softest pants that I’ve ever worn, let alone made. Wasn’t leaving the house on Saturday, just doing chores, so no need to properly get dressed!

Day Three

Day Three – Sunday 3rd May. I know, I know, this is a terrible shot. But it was late-ish in the evening and I was off to bed!

Day Four

Day Four – Monday – May The Fourth Be With You! My geek-fu is a little low, and so I didn’t have anything Star Wars related to wear for this historic day. Oh well – pretty floral me-made top it is!!

Day Five

Day Five – Tuesday May 5th. Wobbly blurry photo, but I loved wearing my ruffle blouse.

Day Six

Day Six – Wednesday May 6th. Okay, so this was a bit of a cheat day. I wore this gorgeous scarf I knitted out of the house over a store-bought top and pants. Fully intended to wear it for a lot of the day. But, I walked out expecting a 12-13degC day, and walked out into a 22-23degC day! So scarf went into my bag and didn’t come out for the rest of the day!!

Day Seven

Day Seven – Thursday 7th May. I love this top. LOVE IT. The fabric, the cut, everything. It’s the Kimono Tee pattern from Maria Denmark, and I highly recommend it.

Day Eight

Day Eight – Friday 8th May. And another Maria Denmark Kimono Tee. Guh. I love it as much as the first one. And the other three I have ready for next week!!

Okay! A good round up for the first week of Me Made May 2015. Looking forward to next week. Are you participating in Me Made May 2015? I’d love to see what you’ve been wearing.

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