The Monthly Stitch November challenge – Capsulate!

So, it’s been an age. Let’s move on…

I haven’t done a Monthly Stitch challenge in a while. Half for lack of inspiration, and half for lack of time. But! This month, I have a) a week off of work! and b) butt-tonnes of inspiration. I’ve been meaning to make up some new work-appropriate but also awesome clothing items, and a capsule wardrobe works well for me. I don’t have a uniform at work, but I also almost always end up wearing slim cut pants with patterned tees. They’re easy, comfortable, and still look professional.

So here we go – I know it looks like a LOT, but I am still hopeful of achieving it!

Starting from my original inspiration for this whole thing, I am going to make a Colette Lady Grey summer coat. I’ve had the Lady Grey pattern since I snapped it up from Dresses & Me when they still had a paper copy left. I don’t have anything against PDF patterns, I love them, but sometimes I like having physical patterns. Having seen these two fabrics I realised I needed a summer weight jacket that will work equally well for spring and autumn.

Summer Lady Grey

I love the pattern of the outer, and the gumdrop blue lining seemed like a great pop of colour.

Next up I wanted some new pants. I’ve had the same pair for the last age, and they are being worn to death. I have settled on a pattern from one of my BurdaStyle magazines, but I can’t find a picture of it online so I’ve gone with a RTW pair that looked similar.

Summer Pants

I’ve wanted polkadot pants for an AGE, and the soft olive looks like a good neutral-but-not addition to my wardrobe. The place I am buying from also lists a blush pink and a pale green of this fabric, but sadly is sold out. I may have to ask when they will be getting it back in stock!

I’ve decided two tops will be good to go with these, one more dressy and one less so. First up, the dressy one.

Summer top + fabric

I’ll be making the cross back version, and possibly altering it so that there isn’t a cut-out in the back – just not 100% sure about that at work. But otherwise I adore this pattern, and will be using a dusky rose ponte as the fabric.

The less dressy top will be yet another Kirsten Kimono Tee from Maria Denmark – I swear, I own like 10 of these now. I adore the pattern, I’ve done edits to give some banded hems and some fold over sleeve ends. This time around, I’ll be doing something new…

Summer tee + fabric

I’m going to cut the front in a floral soft feel polyester, and the back in the same dusty rose ponte as the other top. I’ve seen a whole bunch of half woven/half knit tees around that I’ve loved, but haven’t brought myself to buy one. Makes sense I try and make one myself instead!

It looks like a lot, but I do at least stand in the knowledge that a Kirsten Kimono Tee takes me one and a half hours from start to finish, so that one won’t take me long. Pants also aren’t majorly long endevours for me, now that I know how to make them. The coat could be interesting, but I am still determined to attempt it!!

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