The Monthly Stitch – June 2017 – Put a Bird on It

Hello internet!

The June challenge for The Monthly Stitch was exactly what I had hoped it would be – I’ve had this bird fabric sitting in my stash for AGES (and I have it in another colour too!) and I was rather hoping I would get a chance to use it! I picked it up at Spotlight, probably on clearance – of course – and is a lovely fleece backed heavy knit.


I decided to make up the Muse Patterns Jenna cardi, as I rather like having warm things to throw on in the office as it does tend to get cold in winter, even with the heaters going – the perils of older buildings. And what with it being a Kiwi designer, I couldn’t help but fall in love.

I made the largest size on the pattern, choosing to opt for the longer length with no shoulder yokes. Decided to do contrast cuffs and neckline, but used the main fabric for the hem band. This is entirely not because I only had a remnant of the contrast.


I have to say I adore the slightly pixelated look of the print, it doesn’t show from far away but up close you can really see there are no lines, just coloured dots.



You can really tell how short I am in this picture – the sleeves at full length cut as to the pattern cover my hands. Something I will need to rectify when I make it again (and I will be making it again!) The other thing you can tell from this pattern is that the sleeves are quite slim fitting, especially if you make it in a not super-stretchy fabric. This is a pretty standard sweatshirt fabric, and is a bit firm. Nothing uncomfortable, but next time I might sub in the sleeves from the Enid Sweater by Jennifer Lauren, as I have made that before in a thick fabric like this and the sleeves fit spectacularly well.


Please do excuse how horrendously unimpressed I look in these pictures – long day at work combined with it being cold meant I was so ready to be over with this day! At least I have a snuggly bird covered cardigan to spend the evening in.

I am still debating what closure, if any, I want for this. I am seriously tempted to get a bright blue zip to close it with. For the moment, it can be a very wearable open cardigan!


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