What I’ve been working on

Howdy Internet!

Things have been a little slow around here crafting wise. The printer is out of ink, so I can’t get at any of my new patterns I want to play with!

I recently decided to make a foray into bra-making. I am rather blessed with 18H boobs, and they are a tad hard to buy for. Not that I mind, I’m quite fond of them, but it has always made me wonder if it would just be easier to make my own. I purchased the Harriet Bra from Cloth Habit which is the style I most enjoy wearing, and the shape of the back means I can have a good wide band, but not need to struggle to find wide hooks and eyes.

I also purchased myself a bra kit from Lynda at Elle Joans, as I was pretty unsure about all the bits and pieces I’d need! I chose a gorgeous teal blue scuba knit as the main fabric, and let Lynda and her expertise choose the lace and elastic colours as she had the fabric in person. In the end I received the most beautifully wrapped parcel, with what I think is the perfect kit!

I highly recommend checking out Elle Joans if you’re in the market for lingerie findings. She’s local to me (all of New Zealand counts as local!) which made it even better.

I have had great fun recently dyeing my own mini skeins for my Bee Keeper’s Quilt. This is one of my ongoing knitting projects, and finding yarn for it was quite difficult for me as I don’t often knit in 4ply (at least so far!) so I didn’t have a stash to fall back on. So I plucked up my courage and did some dyeing!

I had quite a bit of fun! These are the more recent batch, I did a smaller trial run first to check I didn’t hate the results. The first seven skeins from the left were all dyed in bundles, so I have a set of 3 and two sets of 2 that are the same. I was mainly just interested to see if I could do it! I really love making the hexies, and it is great fun doing it with my own hand dyed!

(Yes, kitty makes for excellent photo backdrop!) The yellow lower third isn’t my hand dye, I just ran out on that puff!

I have also finally gotten around to pulling out my newest craft acquisition – a knitting machine. I inherited it from a colleague who had gotten it when her and her mum were clearing out her grandparents’ place after they passed away. Neither she or her mum had any inclination to do anything with it, so she passed it on to me, knowing I would be all over it!

It is a Knitmaster Instant GB-1, and she works rather well! She is quite an old machine, definitely from the 50s, and there doesn’t seem to be a hang of a lot out there about them. I haven’t taken any pictures of her, but she is in almost perfect condition, with original box intact, and almost no wear to the machine itself. I do intend to upgrade to a newer (70s-80s) machine once I get more into knitting on machine, but for now she is perfect for a beginner.

I completed my first piece of machine knitting today – it is an orange rectangle. How exciting! I’m going to make several, seam them together, and do a crochet edge and call it a shawl. It’s good practice for using the machine, which is the most important thing. And, as proof, here is a picture of my rectangle:

Please excuse my craft-stained sleeve – I already told you I dyed my own yarn!

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