Things I’m working on Thursday

Hello internet!

This week I have been having oodles of fun with my sewing! Despite my machine being a bit finicky right now, I have managed to make some progress.

My bra is churning along nicely!

I am rather liking the look of it. I didn’t fussy cut as this fabric had a repeat but it didn’t flip at any stage, and having a mismatch bra like this doesn’t frustrate me, but a bra with patterns matched but both pieces facing the same way would have caused me headaches. You will also notice the lace isn’t matched either. I don’t care! It ended up that my boobies are so massive that the pieces only just fit on the lace, so I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

I spent the entire time sewing wondering if I’d printed it wrong as the pieces seemed so huge. Of course cutting a 40H means yes, the pieces are huge, and printed at the right scale. I don’t know how I forget I have such large boobs, but I do, apparently.

I have also done some more hexipuffs, I will do a round up post at the end of the month with my tally total!

Stay tuned for more bra in the future. I am thoroughly enjoying myself, and am certain this will not be the last bra I make.


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