They’ll see me coming a mile off! Mimi G and Simplicity 8426

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled IPM, here’s a jumpsuit I finished at the end of August that never got blogged!

I saw thia fabric at Spotlight when I had gone in to look at activewear patterns, and had considered it was cute, and on clearance, but as I didn’t have a plan for it, I figured I wouldn’t get it. But as I was digging through the pattern drawer for the pattern I was after, I came across this jumpsuit by Mimi G and I fell in love. And then immediately remembered the fabric, and knew they were made for each other!

I made the largest size in the hips, and the second largest in the bust. Due to the waist being a good fit, and the pants being gathered on, there wasn’t much grading needed, an added bonus. Of note, this pattern has a tonne of ease. Even cutting for a bust a little smaller than my own, it was a bit big in the top. Now, with my love of lifting heavy objects, I need to take it in.

In this shot you can see the particularly unique armhole shape, given by the way the yoke and main bust attaches. I really love this design feature, but it somewhat exacerbates the fact it is a little big!

As someone with short arms and ample…everything, I love the fastening in this jumpsuit. The zip goes to just above my bra back, and then there is a button (or hook and eye, as I went with) at the back neck. This makes for far easier on and off than other jumpsuit patterns I’ve seen.

I am definitely planning to make another version of this, possibly with a velvet top and pleated chiffon trouser, similar to the envelope image. I love the idea of it!

The only major gripe I had with the pattern was how long the legs were. I’m 5’6”, and I had to take an entire foot off the legs, and hem them at almost 2” and they are still shoe-length on me! If you’ve long legs, you’d probably need to take less off, but if you’re around my height, just know you can probably get away with less yardage than suggested!

I really love the elegant but simple look of this piece. It looks dressy and formal, but also bright and happy – I wore it to work and got a bundle of compliments! My favourite was said in a meeting by a senior colleague, that it was a joyous outfit and that it was refreshing amongst what is normally a very dark-toned wardrobe within offices.

And because it is becoming a trend on here, a bonus shot of me looking extremely unimpressed about something!

We’ll be back to our regular IPM posts at the end of the week with Week 3 – Around the World!

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