Thing I’m working on Thursday¬†

Hello internet!

I have been working on just a couple of things this week. One is a gift for my best friend’s birthday gift – hand spun hand knit socks! She requested more after the last pair of hand knits, and this time I went to hand spun as well.

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So shall we start with the usual ‘I forgot to blog for a while’ post with a barrel of excuses, or shall we just head right on in to the MMMay17 fun?

MMMay17 it is!

Here is my pledge from the ‘official’ sign up thread:

I, Heather, of and @dancing_in_my_pjs (IG) sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear as many me-made items as I can for the duration of May 2017. I also pledge to re-start my sewing habit (knitting and crochet has taken over my life!) and sew four garments in May 2017.

I haven’t sewn anything clothing related for an extended period of time, bar a cardigan which will remain nameless for some time as it didn’t fit well and I am mad at it, and am holding off having to try and re-work it or have to brand it a failure. Knitting and crochet has become a more favoured hobby as I can take it around the house with me, it takes so much less space when I am actually doing it, and the tools take up less storage space. I also find it is generally less-expensive, as if I am really in the mood for a new project, with non-stash supplies, I can choose a small project like a hat or cowl or mitts, and only need to spend like $10 at most, where as to sew¬†anything substantial (I don’t like sewing accessories) I would need to spend a lot more, even on cheap fabric – which is something I am trying to move away from.
Me-Made-May’17 is hopefully going to give me the opportunity to not only sew some things up in the next couple of days (already planned as I am on holiday until Wednesday), but also to plan and sew some items during May, so that by the end of it I will hopefully have a few more items in my wardrobe that I can start to wear!

With any luck this won’t be a ‘Heather posts once and then drops of the face of the earth again’ endevours with my blog, and I full intent to make myself some stickers for marking out when I need to write posts/schedule posts and when they will go live. We will see how that goes.

x Heather

My first ever, from a pattern, and almost complete knitting project

Well that’s one hell of a title, ain’t it!

Recently my darling partner decided he wanted to learn how to knit. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get better at myself, so off we went to buy wool. And I am more than a little obsessed.

And here is my first project!

Please ignore my rather weird expression, the flash of my iMac for webcam is pretty harsh XD


I decided to make up the Pacific Chunky Quick Lacy Slouch which I found on Ravelry (a site I adore, it must be said!), as I wanted to test out using a circular needle. I also wanted to use some non-new yarn to make it up before diving into my now growing collection of new yarns. I found a scarf which I had 90% knitted in plain garter stitch, which I knew I would never wear – so I frogged the entire thing. And here it is, 90% made up into a hat! It isn’t as slouchy as the pattern shows, because while I worked on needles that were a half size larger than suggested, and my yarn was thinner. But I don’t mind – I’m a beanie girl just as much as I am a slouch girl!

We are taking a trip tomorrow to a wool store with a knitting friend, and I am going to pick up a set of DPNs so that I can finish this off – I am pretty stoked with it. I will probably use the same pattern with the yarn I had bought to make a hat with – I was going to make the same pattern as my beloved, but have found that I far prefer knitting in the round than I do working flat, so this will be made up again. In bright rainbow wool. Because I am just that kind of person.

I’ll be off for a while….

This post is actually a reasonably happy one – I finally had surgery on my hand! It went well, and as yet no post-surgery complications. Surgery only took about an hour, and recovery less than half an hour.
However…this is how my right hand looks:
(Also, introducing two of my bjds, Hope on the right (FairyLand Pukifee Zoe) and Rosie (FairyLand Pukifee Mio)
So yeah…no sewing for a week at least til the bandage is off, stitches don’t come out for two weeks after that, and then still more recovery. So real sewing might take some while to get back into. Typing is hard currently, so blog posts are unlikely until my bandage is off.
So, in the mean time, tv show suggestions? I’m watching a lot of River Monsters at the moment as I do enjoy it, but anime and historic dramas are also a fave!

Argh. Life.

Sometimes life is a wonderful and joyous thing.
And sometimes it throws you a curveball which you can’t really dodge.
While my mental health has improved dramatically over the last week with being put on some medication which is really helping (although I do need to change it as I now get chronic headaches – but it is a really positive feeling having it work at all!), those around me haven’t been as lucky lately. So sewing and other projects are going on hold, as time and energy is being redistributed to helping others. And while I adore helping the people I love, it does make it hard to find time for me.
It also gets hard when you end up with, as an example, an hour of free time to yourself. And you think “Yes! I can start sewing a new project, or finish an existing one in that time!” and it feels really good. Until you look in the kitchen and see that the dishes need doing, and the floor desperately needs a vacuum, and the bathroom could do with a good clean. And sometimes I do say ‘stuff it’, and do some sewing – it’s our house, and if people visiting don’t like our mess, that’s fine, they don’t have to visit! But on the same line of thought, it really brings you down when you decide you want to cook dinner or bake something, and you walk into your kitchen and there aren’t any clean plates/bowls/forks/pans (I’ll be honest, in the last few months there has been more dirty dishes in my kitchen than clean).
Lately the cleaning and general house work has been taking precidence over my crafting. Because I feel happier being in a clean home – never tidy, I’m a cluttery person, but everything is always clean – I figure that cleaning what needs cleaning will make me feel better. But then when it’s done, and my me time has run out, I don’t have the option to do the things which make me happy that need a clean house to achieve. So I haven’t done any sewing for me – I have fabric for so many projects (SWAP2014 mainly), and I just haven’t gotten around to starting them. Which makes me sad as I was so looking forward to the projects; lately when I can grab a little me time, like the few extra minutes I have before leaving the house waiting for my partner to put his shoes on, I will look online at more project ideas and fabrics – while not actually crafting, it gives me the same feeling of crafting.
Hopefully life will settle itself back down soon, or I at least get some help with it’s curveballs where I can, and I’ll be back to sewing. Until then, I’ll just have to stave off my crafting feelings with more internet and pinterest searches!

Knitting – progress!

Just a wee progress post to show how far I’ve gotten with my knitting – I’m rather proud. It’s several rows of stocking stitch (you can’t tell cause looking at it now I took a pic of the wrong side *headdesk* I’m very clever, really), and now I’ve started with ribbed stitching.

I’m rather chuffed, I didn’t think I’d pick it up so quick. Still no idea what this will become, but right now I’m just happy to be doing it. And yup, for those playing at home, this was taken with my knitting resting on my Snoopy blanky. Because I am just that cool.
Happy Crafting! x

A new and exciting project

So, I’ve decided to take up a new project/hobby. Knitting.
Now, it’s not really a new hobby. I used to knit when I was younger, but found that I got frustrated with how long the process took. However, my recent love affair with cardigans has encouraged me to get back into it.
So thisevening I started a new project. I’ve re-taught myself how to do basic/knit stitch. And I’ve taught myself to purl, and as such have completed my first few rows of stocking stitch. This is greatly exciting.
I think I’m making a coffee cozie. It’s intended to be a coffee cozie. I am not hopeful it will become a coffee cozzie. It may become some form of…hat or ear warmer thing. We’ll see.
Anyway, I’ll let y’all know how the knitting goes!
Happy Crafting x