Me Made May 2015 – Week One (and an extra day)!

Whelp, I’ve done it! I’ve completed my first week of Me Made May, and I am so pleased with myself. I didn’t really have a specific pledge that I wanted to complete, just that I wanted to wear me made things more often. And here are my wears for each day – not always the best photos, I’ll admit, but at least me made!

Day One - Friday

So, day one! Friday 1st May. I made this Pinocchio skirt on the Thursday night, and wore it to work the next day. I used the Delphine skirt band by Tilly and the Buttons, and then just a gathered oblong for it.

Day Two - Saturday

Day Two – Saturday 2nd May. Yeah, I’ll be honest, you’ll see these pants more than a few times this month! (She says, typing this while wearing them). These are the snuggliest, softest pants that I’ve ever worn, let alone made. Wasn’t leaving the house on Saturday, just doing chores, so no need to properly get dressed!

Day Three

Day Three – Sunday 3rd May. I know, I know, this is a terrible shot. But it was late-ish in the evening and I was off to bed!

Day Four

Day Four – Monday – May The Fourth Be With You! My geek-fu is a little low, and so I didn’t have anything Star Wars related to wear for this historic day. Oh well – pretty floral me-made top it is!!

Day Five

Day Five – Tuesday May 5th. Wobbly blurry photo, but I loved wearing my ruffle blouse.

Day Six

Day Six – Wednesday May 6th. Okay, so this was a bit of a cheat day. I wore this gorgeous scarf I knitted out of the house over a store-bought top and pants. Fully intended to wear it for a lot of the day. But, I walked out expecting a 12-13degC day, and walked out into a 22-23degC day! So scarf went into my bag and didn’t come out for the rest of the day!!

Day Seven

Day Seven – Thursday 7th May. I love this top. LOVE IT. The fabric, the cut, everything. It’s the Kimono Tee pattern from Maria Denmark, and I highly recommend it.

Day Eight

Day Eight – Friday 8th May. And another Maria Denmark Kimono Tee. Guh. I love it as much as the first one. And the other three I have ready for next week!!

Okay! A good round up for the first week of Me Made May 2015. Looking forward to next week. Are you participating in Me Made May 2015? I’d love to see what you’ve been wearing.

A quick and easy no (or low) chocolate Easter gift

Happy Easter everyone!

This Easter James and I are lucky enough to be on holiday with my parents at our bach. And when it came to gift shopping, Mum was easy – we found a cute wee chocolate bunny in neon orange with yellow and pink flowers, just her kind of thing!

But Dad was a little trickier. He’s worked really hard on weight loss, and now pretty much only has desserts etc on special occasions, so I didn’t want to just load him up with chocolate gifts.
Instead, I came up with a cute gift that works into a holiday breakfast really well – Easter Eggs!


I dyed four gorgeous Central Otago eggs to be pretty colours, put in one marshmallow egg (his favourite kind), and a voucher for egg breakfast. He loves eggs for breakfast because they are healthy and energy packed, and also delicious.

For the box, I covered the label with Easter pastel paper, and wrote Easter Eggs and Happy Easter on it.

While Dad doesn’t have allergies, I think this would make a wonderful Easter gift for anyone who is trying to avoid over doing the sweets, has allergies to chocolate or it’s components, or for wee kids who aren’t used to brightly coloured chicken eggs!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter, and stay safe out there!

A quick little project

One of the doctors who I work with is going on maternity leave this week, and we’re throwing her a baby shower.

So tonight I made her up a wee gift for when her wee man arrives!


A sleep sack! I drafted the pattern quickly based on images online, and I picked up a baby blanket on my way home that I thought would work well with the remnant of zebra fabric I had – and I think they look really good together!


I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially as it was a quick project.


I even attached a Dancing In My PJs label!

Why I love Pinterest

Okay, it won’t surprise anyone to find out I have a Pinterest, and am a semi-active pinner.

When I first started pinning regularly my partner made comment on the fact that I was turning into one of those pinterest people (yes, he spoke out loud in italics. He is a very clever man.) I did laugh, because if I wasn’t a pinterest person, our house would be a LOT messier.
I’ve always been a cut-and-paste kinda gal. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and stick them in notebooks. I had piles and piles of notebooks with pictures stuck in them – things I wanted, things I liked, things I wanted to do, the list goes on! So when I discovered pinterest, I was immediately hooked. No more scissors and glue to remember things I want to make and do!!

My most populated boards are my wedding board (turns out, when you’re crafty, you spend half your time gathering ideas for a wedding – which you haven’t been proposed to for mind you – in an effort to do a completely DIY wedding), my crafting/sewing boards, and my healthy lifestyle board.

It is also amusing when people say “I wonder if there’s a way to do _____” and I can say “Hey! I’ve pinned that!”

What do you like about pinterest? Or do you prefer the old scissors and glue method?

New Year, New Project

Okay, I’ll be honest – I technically started this project before the new year. But since 90% of it will be done in the new year, I’m calling it a new year project!!

I’ve adored Andi Satterlund’s patterns ever since I first found Ravelry. Miette was my first ever saved pattern. So when I chose my first non-accessory project, I always knew it’d be one of her patterns. I actually ended up choosing a fairly new pattern from her, Myrna.

Isn’t she gorgeous! Photo belongs to Andi Satterlund

The perfect just-on-the-waist length, the just long enough to stop me getting burnt sleeves, and the classy-yet-just-enough cleavage? That’s my kind of cardigan!

I ordered my yarn from Knit Picks when I bought some interchangeable needles. I chose Wool Of The Andes in Cranberry (I also got enough for a second cardigan in Spruce), and the colour is just what I had hoped. A beautiful, warm red, and the yarn is lovely and soft.

I started the day after my order arrived, and just on a week later I have completed the upper back!


I am really pleased with it – the keyhole needs a little tidying up – but other than that I am pretty happy. I’m about to pick up and start the right upper front. Wish me luck, I’ll share my progress with you once I’ve made some!

What project is currently on your needles?