First completed project of 2015!

So, to round out January I spent the 31st knitting this wee guy up for James

This is Mac the Highland Bull, and the pattern is from Ravelry. James saw him when I was browsing Ravelry one evening, and demanded/begged/asked me to make him one. And I am never one to refuse James encouraging more knitting from me!!

So, finished off the first project of the year – here’s to many, many more!

My first ever, from a pattern, and almost complete knitting project

Well that’s one hell of a title, ain’t it!

Recently my darling partner decided he wanted to learn how to knit. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get better at myself, so off we went to buy wool. And I am more than a little obsessed.

And here is my first project!

Please ignore my rather weird expression, the flash of my iMac for webcam is pretty harsh XD


I decided to make up the Pacific Chunky Quick Lacy Slouch which I found on Ravelry (a site I adore, it must be said!), as I wanted to test out using a circular needle. I also wanted to use some non-new yarn to make it up before diving into my now growing collection of new yarns. I found a scarf which I had 90% knitted in plain garter stitch, which I knew I would never wear – so I frogged the entire thing. And here it is, 90% made up into a hat! It isn’t as slouchy as the pattern shows, because while I worked on needles that were a half size larger than suggested, and my yarn was thinner. But I don’t mind – I’m a beanie girl just as much as I am a slouch girl!

We are taking a trip tomorrow to a wool store with a knitting friend, and I am going to pick up a set of DPNs so that I can finish this off – I am pretty stoked with it. I will probably use the same pattern with the yarn I had bought to make a hat with – I was going to make the same pattern as my beloved, but have found that I far prefer knitting in the round than I do working flat, so this will be made up again. In bright rainbow wool. Because I am just that kind of person.

Knitting – progress!

Just a wee progress post to show how far I’ve gotten with my knitting – I’m rather proud. It’s several rows of stocking stitch (you can’t tell cause looking at it now I took a pic of the wrong side *headdesk* I’m very clever, really), and now I’ve started with ribbed stitching.

I’m rather chuffed, I didn’t think I’d pick it up so quick. Still no idea what this will become, but right now I’m just happy to be doing it. And yup, for those playing at home, this was taken with my knitting resting on my Snoopy blanky. Because I am just that cool.
Happy Crafting! x